The Adelaide Wedding Industry is alive and kicking, with so many wonderfully talented creatives involved - photographers, cinematographers and other suppliers such as bridal couture, jewelers, wedding planners, designers, florists and each of these businesses has something unique that is suited to a variety of wedding couples who are out and about, looking for the right people to assist in making their wedding day just the way they want it to be. Today's post brings to the stage a clever young professional I've been working with quite a bit lately and as with any great supplier I come across, it’s nice to be able to share the love I have for them with you. What do I get out of it? Well, I get to work with Jason, which is always great fun. I also get the occasional little film like this which sheds a little more light on what I do, how I operate and what you can expect when you decide you want me to be the lucky man to capture your wedding day stills. Jason and the team from Captivate Films have put together a short film from the beautiful wedding day of Nina and Chang, which took place back in December. Luke Simon Photography - Nina and Chang from Captivate Films on Vimeo.
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