Wedding Films

We understand that every supplier involved with your wedding has a very important job to do. It’s for this reason that we suggest finding a wedding cinematographer who fits in well with your photographers shooting style. If the style of capture of the Cinematographer and Photographer differs too greatly we can get in each others way a lot, and the resulting product can be compromised.

It was with this in mind that lead to the creation of Likewise Films with business partner, friend and champion Cinematographer Charlie Phillpot.

The name Likewise Films sums up what the business is all about – two creatives with a likewise take on the world, working with LIKEWISE folk – Cinematographers and Photographers who shoot in a similar style, using similar focal length lenses and shooting at a similar pace. That way we’re not in each others way much, or disjointing the flow of the wedding day.

Across on the Likewisefilms website you will find a page listing a bunch of Wedding Photographers (not just Luke Simon Photography) who we feel match the style of the wedding films on offer. If your photographer isn’t on the list just get in touch and we can check out their work to see if it’s a good fit.