I could bang on about how important it is to preserve your wedding photographs in a wedding album. But you’ve heard it or you’ve read a similar sentiment on the websites of almost every professional wedding photographer. We choose Queensberry as our Album Company because they are the best at what they do…and if you are going to have the best wedding photographers then you want to match it with the best album company right ! (insert chuckle by me here) Cate and Paul’s album is a 12 x 12 inch DUO in...

Last year Carrie and I were lucky enough to spend time photographing an engagement shoot for Jana and Tom in Darwin. I got a good sense of their relationship dynamic and personalities. Tom is a quiet unassuming type, but you can see his mind ticking all the time and he’s obviously extremely intelligent, humorous and quick witted.Jana is a crack up, she says it how it is, loves her shopping and a good laugh
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