I don't chase portrait / family photography work but every now and then I'll have the request from a past wedding client or bridesmaid of a wedding, so I shoot maybe 6 or 7 of these a year. Kelly and Brendan were a couple who's wedding I shot back in April 2008. Lovely couple and now they have a very cute son - here's a snippet. A lot of this was shot on a 50mm at f1.8. really enjoying this lens. ...

Anna and Scott lovely people and cute to boot. We had a great day, they were relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and right into each other which made capturing great images that much easier (not that I look for an easy way out). The girls almost got cleaned up by a nice little wave that snuck up behind them while posing for a snap. One of the images below tells that story. Hot chips under the jetty, some bridal dance practice, the list goes on...

This was such a great gig for Gardening Australia Magazine. Both such passionate gardeners and me being such a novice gardener I spent the first hour just walking amazed through their garden. 12 espaliered fruit trees, some 40 years old and a journal of every planting of the last 30 years ! Tom was a real character and we got on like a house on fire. To follow are a few of the images I really like from the day. ...

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