This was a beautiful wedding (not that I can remember one that has not been). The Tin Cat Cafe is a lovely old 2 story house in Kent Town that has been converted into a funky cafe / restaurant with mismatched, vintage furniture and colourful prints, paintings and nik naks around the place. Lighting is warm and soft and homely and it's a great spot for not only a top breakfast or coffee but also for intimate weddings...

This wedding would have to receive the award for the funniest set of speeches I've ever heard at a wedding. It's fairly common to have one  great speech but this was exceptional. MC Tim was superb and held office all night long. Along with auctioning off a dodgy print of Emily and James in a 2 dollar frame from an Op Shop, all in the name of raising some $ for the newly wedded couple to spend on their honeymoon. Bidding was rife and it fetched a cool $300 from...

A superb day for a winery wedding and a great bunch of people to celebrate. I'd not photographed a wedding at Longview for a few years so it was nice to be there with a little knowledge but nice fresh eyes.If I had to live in Macclesfield this is where I'd want to be perched, overlooking 'my vines'...

I don't chase portrait / family photography work but every now and then I'll have the request from a past wedding client or bridesmaid of a wedding, so I shoot maybe 6 or 7 of these a year. Kelly and Brendan were a couple who's wedding I shot back in April 2008. Lovely couple and now they have a very cute son - here's a snippet. A lot of this was shot on a 50mm at f1.8. really enjoying this lens. ...

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