We (Carrie, Henry, Dane and Myself) loaded the wagon last Friday arvo and headed off on a little road trip to the Riverland. We checked ourselves in at the Renmark Country Club (coincidence would have it that I remember to throw my clubs in :-) and cracked a cold beer on arrival and enjoyed the lovely sunset and a little putting practice. Saturday was to be a cracker of a day in terms of weather, nice clouds but maybe a few more flies than needed. Dane and I headed off at lunchtime and visited Dale and the fellas out at the venue Wilkadene Estate then it was back to Renmark to capture the girls as they prepared themselves. It was a lovely little ceremony with a great Australian backdrop. After a few snaps and family pics at the homestead we headed to a bunch of lovely cliffs above the Mighty Murray and then onwards to the reception at the swanky Renmark Club which I'd never before had the pleasure of visiting. The problem I had with this wedding was knowing when to stop taking pictures - it's so hard with big wide landscapes to not get carried away.......so here's to getting carried away

One of the few downsides about being a wedding photographer is missing out on family weddings and already being booked when they set a date. The upside on this occasion was that Dane and Steve could shoot it for them for me ! As unfortunate as it was to be unable to go I was comforted knowing that Dane and Steve would do a great job and I would be able to relive the day through their capture. Dane's words.... There are some weddings we get the privilege of documenting that shine with personality and character. From the little hand-crafted invites to the wooden wishing well, and even the thumb print -family tree, this wedding was certainly one of them! Accompanied by a handsome best-man and two beautiful bride's maids (Dan and Kylie's 3 children), Kylie and Dan were married in the lovely surroundings of Stangate House in Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills. As if set by a timer, the heavens opened up immediately after the ceremony, sending guests racing for the marquee, and possibly the amazing wood oven pizzas....?! The weather certainly didn't deter the newly-wed's spirits. Dan ended up on his knees in a puddle of mud for an alternative variation of the bridal waltz. Thank you Kylie and Dan for allowing me to be a part of, and capture, your beautiful day. ~Dane

Wet, wet, wet - but who cares when you have a dress like this ! A nice little Vera Wang number no less. Donna looked a treat in this, with a little extra few frilly bits (boys technical term for that gauze material :-) under the bottom half to make it kinda kick out a bit more....I really need to work on my technical vocabulary of dresses...Anyway, she looked great. Donna's mum Cheryl and sister Erica was there for support and Erica's son Kalan, who was very cute - when we got to see his face from behind his DSi thingo.

It was a very warm day - smart fellas wore a kilt. The wedding was held at St Ignatius Church at Athelstone and the reception was at the Next Generation - a very funky gym and function centre on the banks of the River Torrens in central Adelaide. After the ceremony we spent some time wandering in fields and bushland near North Adelaide before heading on to the venue for the party. Victoria looked a treat.

Heather and Jason had arranged an 'engagement party' which was to turn into their wedding party. About 10 guests knew of their plan and everyone else came along because H & J had said they were going to elope to marry so come to this party or miss out altogether. I think their mum's were given 2 weeks (long enough to find the right dress but not long enough to stress..well, not for more than 14 days anyway) Heather's dad was given a little more notice as it was at their place that the wedding was to take place. In these 6 weeks Gavin (dad) managed to build a very elaborate men's room (see below) made out of corrugated roofing material, guttering and plumbed into the sewerage....very cleverly done.
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