An awesome bunch of people who were not at all phased by the rain that decided to make its presence felt just as Bridgett reached her hubby-to-be. It chucked it down and we all kinda stood around with no-one wanting to make the call...the rain made our minds up for us, as it was just too heavy to put up with. So, after a quick little sprint to cover the ceremony continued and all was cosy and well. Bridgett and George really set me at ease from day dot. So relaxed and happy to go along with things as they unfolded. It all worked out really well, the gods were kind enough to stop raining on us for about an hour so we could duck out for some fun and bridal party pics around the beautiful Glen Ewin Estate grounds.

I originally met Lynette and Liam when Lynette was a bridesmaid in Anna's wedding 2 years ago and now the role was reversed. Another cracker day, great people and lovely ceremony. Carrick Hill is nestled into the foothills overlooking Adelaide and is a stunning venue for weddings. Lynette and Liam decided to hold just their ceremony here and we moved up a little higher to Windy Point Restaurant, which is where it all began for these guys when working the hospitality scene. We ventured a little off the beaten track, but not far away, for some photos between ceremony and reception.

Belinda and Darryn are an awesome couple. They met on the job, working for one of the big chocolate / drinks companies (thanks for the chocolates Belinda, I feel suitably ill). The bridal party were all great value and we had a really lovely day capturing events as they unfolded. I'd never photographed a wedding at Saltram Wines before but I am glad to have had the opportunity. It's a lovely venue, the food was really good and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. I don't know what else to say really, so here are some of the moments I feel really sum up Belinda and Darryn's day.

Kate and Andrew were married in a lovely garden setting at a park in Toorak Gardens that, although not created with weddings in mind, is perfect for them really. Well, from a photographic point of view it was really lovely, especially with this time of the year and all the leaves so colourful and vibrant and we were lucky enough to have a sky to match. Kate is a card, a great sense of humour and we had lots of funny emails pass between the two of us leading up to the wedding. Up until the day I'd not had much in the way of correspondence with Andrew but from the minute I met him I could see how they had come to be together...his sense of humour was equally superb. The ceremony went off without a hitch and the sun turned it on for our time as a bridal party. The bridal party all had a great laugh and I'd like to think it shows in these images. The ceremony kicked off at The Observatory on Hackney Road and after an hour or two we left them to continue the celebration...
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