Blue skies and sunshine, young love and good times.May I present........Lisa and Luke !  Another great Adelaide wedding with the ceremony held at Emmanual College and the reception at Sferas. Great company, a few tears and plenty of giggles. Another day of “work” that makes me realise how lucky I am to do what I do. Enjoy. x

Another great Adelaide Wedding at Glen Ewin Estate.... I could go on about how cool this wedding was, what a great couple Amy and Nathan are etc etc, but you'll get sick of me saying the same stuff every post (which are WAY too few and far between at the moment I know)....but, Amy and Nathan are super lovely, Amy is just a little bit cheeky ;-) and Nathan is a perfect gentleman. Here are some of the images that I feel grabbed a bit of the essence of the two of them and their day.

Ute and Aidan are currently half way across the globe enjoying a massive 3 month, around the world honeymoon. A well earned holiday I’m sure...I’m ever so slightly  jealous...just a smidge. The wedding took place on Aidans’ folks property in the hills up behind McLaren Vale. Aidan’s mum is a mad keen gardener and over the past 10 years has transformed a bare hilltop into an oasis. Surrounded by vineyards and a little pine forest it’s full of more flowers and exotic plants than I could ever hope to learn the names of. Anyway, the weather was brilliant, details divine, bride beautiful, groom rather ‘Bondishly’ handsome and the photo opportunities a-many ! Enjoy.

Another great wedding with some differences. Red dress was the first and most obvious difference...looked great I thought. The second thing that really made this wedding stand out aside from the great individuals within it, was that the ceremony took place in an old run down church in a very secret place that was extremely special to the Christie, David and David’s family. Lovely reception at the Bridgewater Mill too...great spot. Hope you like, love your comments. Cheers, Luke
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