Another beautiful Autumn Glen Ewin Estate wedding. I do really love this Autumn, it has a lot going for it from a photography perspective, as do all the seasons...just in different ways I guess. For me Autumn has 2 key things going for it as a wedding month in Australia...the days a shorter and the colours are spectacular. I really like the way the hours at this time of the year can work with timing for a wedding....

  Lindsey and Ben married at the very neat K1 Winery, an Adelaide Hills venue I’d never had the pleasure of visiting previously. Although we didn’t have a bunch of time to spend at the winery we made the most of what we did have. From there we headed to Ben’s folks property where the reception was all set to go.....what an amazing place for a wedding. I really could not believe my eyes. The marquee was spectacular and backdrop for this wedding was a photographers dream. Every detail was considered. The wine and food divine, the cheeses and desserts rather yummy and aside from a few drops of rain just before the ceremony the weather held off for us.

Hey All, Just a quick note - Atkins Technicolour is the best professional printing lab in Australia (yes I am biased and can’t base this claim on anything but my bias and the great service they give) but anyway, they are also running a little wedding competition at the moment - Wedding Photograph of the Year. We can’t say which is our entry obviously as that’d kinda take a bunch of credibility out of winning it should we be so fortunate, but there are a heap of great images entered, worth looking over.
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