What an amazing piece of art this is. I found this via a link on my photo lab’s site and wanted to share it with you all. Aside from the truly beautiful perspective by photographer Todd Heisler I just love the story told by both the images and Mr Cotton himself. Hope you enjoy. Click the picture below to view.    ...

Situated just outside Lobethal in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, Golding winery weddings offer a breathtaking venue where the food is fantastic and the wines outstanding....

I am not too sure that engagement shoot is the right word for this photo session, considering Emma and Ante have been together for 10 years. That aside, we did spend our time together as we would have had it been an engagement session - an hour or so of relaxed portraiture, getting to know how we all function together with camera in hand. I love these sessions and it’s a good way of discovering if a particular photographer is right for you both.

From my perspective it should be us sending the thank you cards to couples and their families, for being trusted with the documentation of such a special day in the history of a family, being welcomed into their homes and being paid to do what we have some difficulty referring to as a job - we really do love what we do and I can’t believe I do what I do and I give thanks for it every day.   We are generally all such busy people, so it always blows me...

I met with Emma and Ante on Friday for an afternoon session leading up to their wedding this weekend at Mt Lofty House. An image from our time on Friday. Will be a cracking wedding. Lots of fun.     More to come before next weekend.  ...

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