[caption id="attachment_8091" align="alignnone" width="600"] Hassleblad X-pan II, Velvia 50, 2007[/caption] To say I am mildly excited to be heading off to photograph Alecia and Alasdair's wedding  in Tuscany in a few weeks is a little bit of an understatement.

Kerry and James were a super relaxed couple and opted to have a ‘first look’ and bridal photos before their ceremony to make the most of the available light and so they could kick on straight from their ceremony into their reception. Windy Point made for a superb backdrop for the day.

I realised a little earlier today that I’ve never put any pics up of our studio, here on King William Road. So here’s one that gives a bit of an idea. It’s slowly coming along. We’ve knocked out a wall and are gradually sorting out lighting and prints for the walls. It still needs some more furniture and a touch of style that I don’t possess, but we are getting there. We have 3 offices and our central gallery area which you are now looking at (projector soon to replace the TV)....

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