We recently had the pleasure of capturing Jess and Phil's wedding in the Hills. The picturesque, meandering driveway, tall oak trees standing like sentinels, and beautifully groomed hedge-rows were just a taste of what lay ahead for us. It is always really humbling to be made to feel so welcome into someones family home. I can't recall ever not feeling welcome, but there was something else in the way in which we were greeted on this particular occasion. At the front door, Jess's mum used those exact words..'welcome

I'd like to share a preview to the story of Sharon and Franks recent Kingsford Homestead Wedding. What a superb location and venue to have settled upon to celebrate their wedding ceremony and reception. Kingsford Homestead is situated about 90 minutes from Adelaide, on the way to the Barossa Valley. Once the set for the TV series McLeod's Daughters, it has in more recent times been refurbished and transformed into a Luxury B&B and Wedding reception Venue. The refurbishment is superb and if you are looking for a intimate and boutique wedding venue, this would have to be high on the list.

It has been quite a while since the I photographed a Bird in Hand Winery wedding. Suzy and Chris were super relaxed and their mates really easy to get along with. They were blessed with an awesome day with sunshine and lollipops...well, I didn't actually see the lollipops, but I'm sure someone there had some. It was hard not to spend the whole time smiling for and with Suzy and Chris. The love they have for each other and their respective families had been evident from first meeting with Chris on the morning of the wedding. I really related to the bond he had with his Dad and the hug they gave each other, well it just made me want one too. And the bond he had with his Best Man and Brother.

The Stamford Grand wedding of Kateland and Ian was a whole bunch of fun. It was toasty warm, with the sun was putting on a good show and I don't think we captured a moment where Kateland was not smiling. It was pretty infectious. I had never photographed a ceremony at Westminster college prior to Kateland and Ian's wedding. I visited the day before to take a look around while Kateland and Ian held their rehearsal. It's a really lovely setting, and given that Kateland and Ian were childhood sweethearts who had met at the school, it seemed fitting that they were married there.
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