My intention this evening was to sit down and select 5 or 6 images from Linh and Hoang's super long, super fun vietnamese wedding. It would be a bit of a prelude to the spectacular day that Dave and I were lucky enough to capture a few months back here in Adelaide. I'm sure there are many wedding photographers out there who are with me on this....5 imagesturned

I recently hopped on a plane with my wife Carrie and we headed north for Jana and Tom's Engagement Shoot in Darwin. It was the first time Carrie and I had left both of the kids at home overnight (thanks nan and pops) and it was bloody lovely (sorry kids, but we didn't miss you too much) It was a bit of a whirlwind trip, but really nice to escape the cold wet days we were experiencing back in Adelaide. Awesome to have Carrie come behind the scenes with me too, she doesn't often get the opportunity to see me at work. I'd like to do it more. So anyone out there who knows anyone who needs some Darwin wedding photography, give us a call, we'd love to work here more.

A while ago now I photographed the engagement session of Emma and Ante in the Adelaide Hills, not far from Mount Lofty House. We had a good laugh and it was pretty obvious just how comfy Emma and Ante were as a couple. Super relaxed in front of the camera just being themselves, I had a great time snapping away. I find these shoots set us up well for the actual wedding day too, making us a little more familiar with each other.
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