Kim & Ben’s Avalon Beach Wedding, Beach House Avalon | Sydney, New South Wales | Destination Wedding Rewind the clock. It all started with Ben and Kim meeting at work 5 years ago. They hung out at the pub on Friday's, usually comparing notes on who's a better boarder/skiier (all the important stuff). 1 year after this, they became housemates when Ben, Kim and Kim’s cocker spaniel Chops all moved in together. 2 1/2 years ago, one drunken night with friends, Ben and Kim shared our first kiss, after mutual friends had...

I grew up with Bluey in the Adelaide Hills. Many a good night were had as teenagers, parties on farms and just getting up to the normal mischief  teens get up to when given the freedom a yellow Holden Gemini provides. Specific memories of a party where certain parents came home early to find a lot of rather ‘chirpy' 17 years olds springs to mind. I may or may not have been asleep in a bath tub when the parents found me.

Sunday saw us all converge on the playing field between the olive groves and the manicured gardens to battle it out in some good old fashioned games, to decide who was the superior country basically. No prizes for guessing which team it was. Some of my favourite moments.
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