Sam &Ryan – The Lane Vineyard | Adelaide Hills Wedding

Samantha and Ryan live in Nairne, up in the hills very close to my home town of Littlehampton. It always excites me to photograph weddings in the surrounds I grew up in. Sam was also really keen in the idea of a first look prior to the ceremony at The Lane…it just meant we could spend more time capturing some beautiful creatives for them, then they could spend more quality time with the their family and friends post-ceremony. I dig shooting creatives before the ceremony too, for the very selfish reason that I get to allocate a nice whack of time to it and can source some beautiful locations a little further afield than the ceremony location.

So, on the Wednesday afternoon before the wedding, I hopped in the car from the office at about 3pm and headed for the hills location hunting. I had some spots in mind that surrounded the golf course I grew up smacking golf balls around. It didn’t take me very long to get a picture in my head of how the first look would unfold and what the second location might translate into. I’m SO glad I had the opportunity to photograph these places for another reason – a few months after I photographed the images on the dirt track it was covered in bitumen and a fence went up around the beautiful stone buildings, so we got in just in time.

As always, The Lane team delivered a super tasty selection of wine and food and with happy hearts (and bellies) Sam, Ryan and their lovely families and friends danced up a storm. Dave and I said goodbye a touch before midnight leaving satisfied we’d captured some great history for Sam and Ryan and their families. To follow is their story the way were saw it.

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