Rebecca & Mark – Point Piper Wedding, Sydney



Car won’t start. Battery….flat.

“Let’s jump start it, I called to our very old driver, Frank”..So there I was shooting my very first Sydney Destination wedding and, with the light quickly fading around me, photo opportunities diminishing by the second, Groom Mark quietly getting a little bit annoyed, cameras slung on the ground nearby, pushing a vintage car down the suburban streets of Sydney, while the very sweet, but not-far-from-the-grave driver Frank, prepared to drop the clutch to get the old girl humming again. Then he proceeded to drive the entire remaining time at 40 kilometres per hour. There was certainly no urgency being shown from him to compensate for the valuable lost time. So, we did lose a little location photo time, I lost an extra litre of sweat, but we all gained a ‘remember when’ story and still made it down to the bay for the last of the fading light, before the sun disappeared altogether.

I had first met Becky and Mark in Italy, where they were guests at the wedding of  Alicia and Alasdair. When I arrived in Sydney, we met up and I was taken on a tour of the area. This gave me a good chance to scout some location ideas and find out a little more about the world Mark had grown up in. I would have loved to see the world Beck had grown up in too, but unfortunately we just could not make it work for me to be in Nottingham for the UK wedding they held the week before. What a whirlwind few weeks these guys had had – Nottingham wedding on one Saturday followed up just 7 days later by their Sydney wedding. Pretty impressive effort I thought.

It was a pretty special week for me in Sydney and it was great to be able to catch up with Beck and Mark and tell their story.

The ceremony was held at Mark’s family church, St George’s Greek Church in Rose Bay and their wedding reception kicked off a few hours later at the Royal Motor Yacht Club, Point Piper.

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