Riverland Wedding Renmark | Gemma & Spiro

Gemma and Spiro are an awesome couple. Childhood Sweethearts. Spiro is bloody hilarious, has a big heart and he quite obviously adores Gemma. Gemma was the main mind behind a lot of the wedding. Much of their reception theming was designed and created by Gemma, with Spiro chiming in to make the cupcake step ladder and I’m pretty sure some he played a role in a few more of the handyman additions to the day.

I drove up on the Friday before the wedding to meet with Gemma and Spiro and scout some locations. After Spiro had showed me his recently completed restoration project, his Holder HQ Ute (and after telling me the story of how he managed to set his shed on fire at their engagement party night with a burnout in said vehicle) we took a drive out to the family property to decide upon the location for their first look for the wedding day.

The cliff top on their family orchard, with a rusty old 1950’s Ford wreck jutting out over the cliff-edge and views across the Riverland floodplains won me over straight away. We then dropped in to Wilkadene Homestead and Woolshed Brewery for a beer and look around, as it would also play a large part on the wedding day. A few beers at The Renmark Club with their family and it was off for a catch up with a previous Renmark wedding couple Hannah & Dale, to meet their little girl Ava and take a cruise along the river for sunset.

The wedding day was toasty warm, blue skies and smiles everywhere. With a great bunch of great mates and family surrounding them, it was easy to blend in and capture  their day unfold.

Gemma was dressed in a beautiful Sarah Seven gown from The Bridal Atelier in Melbourne, jewellery was by Samantha Wills Bridal for Gemma and her bridesmaids, table flower arrangements and bridal flowers for the day by Jodie Lee’s in Berri, and Jimmy Choo made another grand appearance also. Hair and Makeup by Such Salon and Pure Skin Beauty Therapy. The Ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Church just off the main street and the Reception was at The Renmark Club, cake by 2Nice2Slice, Macarons by Lil Miss Macaron.

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