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Adelaide Hills Wedding | Michelle + Chris

So much to say and yet so little need be said really. We are blessed to capture many really beautiful weddings and on this stunning Summer day we had the pleasure of photographing the whimsical Adelaide Hills Wedding of Michelle and Chris, at Mount Lofty House.

It was pretty unreal in so many ways and we had the pleasure of working with some suppliers who we have never had the pleasure of working with all at once, it was brilliance overload ! Sally from Poppies had been given a pretty long rope when it came to the flowers for the day, but I certainly didn’t quite expect what greeted me in the Marquee, and you will see below that she had some fun. Alice, the wedding planner from Alice Mary Events was calmly going about her business with the intent of someone who knew exactly what needed to be done to tie all of the finer details together. Millie Herd was also busily working her craft with make-up with Michelle and the girls…all Dave and I had to do really, was point our fancy lenses in any given direction and we were destined to grab something pretty awesome.

Well, when it came to how Michelle and Chris and the wedding gang were going to look all dressed up, again, the job was half done….Michelle, dressed in a custom Jaimie Sortino gown looked ridiculous (not to detract from the dress, but I do believe she would look amazing in a brown paper bag) and Chris in tailored Boss, bridesmaids in Zimmerman and groomsmen in god-knows-what-that-looked great. It was a really special day for Dave and I, and it certainly felt like someone up above was shining down on us all, on this perfectly stunning day.

What made their wedding extra great, above and beyond all this wonderful stuff I’ve described above, is that when I stood back in that marquee during the speeches and stripped it back to its roots, it all still came back to the same core values any great relationship and wedding is made of…

Thanks also to Style Me Pretty who featured Michelle and Chris’ wedding recently. See it here.

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