The hour hand spun too quickly and the great moments just kept on comin’ at Liz and Kris’ Old Queens Theatre wedding, here in Adelaide a few months ago.

Liz and Kris were married at Holy Trinity Church on North Terrace in the Adelaide CBD and their reception was just around the corner. Their beautiful Old Queens Theatre reception was abuzz.. with good vibes, great people, earthy wines carefully selected by Kris and fruity beers and cocktails flowed freely. The food served up by Blanco also saw plates licked clean (well mine certainly was). It was all really quite incredible.

Not only is Liz a very beautiful woman but she is also a very talented singer and songwriter. Liz and Kris danced their first waltz to a song composed and recorded by Liz for the occasion, which each guest also took home on CD as their bonbonerie.

There was a whole team of talent enlisted to help make Liz and Kris’s day just as they’d hoped. I’ve listed what I can recall at the end of the blog post.

You can also see their mini engagement shoot from a while back, here.

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Liz’s Dress – Rapsimo | Kris’s Bag o’ Fruit – Hugo Boss | Caterers – Blanco | Wedding Planner – OnCue Events | Music – Bill Parton Trio | Cake – Heidelberg | Hair & Make-up