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Danielle and Adrian, their families and their friends displayed a love and openness one doesn’t see often at a wedding, to such an extent. Their faith in God was very obvious. It was an extremely happy day although there was one particular person who could only be there in spirit and I have SO much respect and admiration for the strength with which the families handled this loss on the day. We all deal with the shitty chapters of our lives differently. Some of us push people away while others such as these two families, band together with their community, give thanks and celebrate..not in a ‘lets get drunk and drown sorrow’ kind of way, more of a ‘lets give thanks for what amazing lives we have to live and enjoy good fine, wine and company’ kinda way.

So to Danielle and Adrian and your families, I raise a glass and toast you all. I learnt a great deal on this fine day and thoroughly enjoyed photographing your wedding day (and your engagement session)

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Wedding Dress | Alexis George

Wedding Venue | The National Wine Centre

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