Waverley Estate Wedding – Catherine & Jim

A Waverley Estate wedding experience by Adelaide Wedding Photographer Luke Simon….

This was my first experience of a Waverley Estate wedding. What a venue. Truly superb. I’m sure it does not always look as lovely as it did on the day of Catherine and Jim’s wedding though. They had gone to a lot of effort in the days leading up to their big day to make sure it was as they had imagined. Catherine designed her dress and as you can see, looked bloody superb and beautiful.

I met with Catherine and Jim in a Norwood restaurant about 18 before their wedding. I later discovered that before entering the restaurant to meet with me that Jim had turned to Catherine and said – “now let’s not get too excited in here, lets check out his work, have a chat and go away and do some more research etc..” Our meeting didn’t quite go that way for them though. I’m not sure if it was the 2 bottles of wine we drank or that we all just got along like a house on fire, but I was really excited that they had booked me before they left that night -both because they are genuinely as lovely as they appear in these photos and because the day they had planned sounded so fun.

Anyway, the gods were really kind, the weather was so perfect – a crisp, clear autumn day with a light offshore breeze. It was an emotional wedding, lots of tears, lots of laughter. I had an absolute ball as I think the images show and I’d welcome your thoughts too.  Oh yeah, if you want to see the small images big, just click on it. Cheers.

You can also see the album we created on this page.

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