Alice and Ross’ wedding was always going to be one filled with a LOT of smiling faces. They are very infectious people, not in a disease way, just in a happiness way. I’m almost certain that it is absolutely impossible to scroll through this collection of images from their Alru Farm Wedding and not smile at least once. The good times just kept on rolling. It rained a bit but did they care ? Nope. Did the sun shine…I’m sure it did somewhere that day, but not in the Adelaide Hills it didn’t. It was a day soaked in great vibes and a whole swag of people who it was obvious love them both immensely.

Alru Farm is a pretty unreal wedding venue I’ve decided. It nearly got burnt to the ground in the recent bush fires we had here in South Australia, thank god it escaped unscathed. If you want to find out more about Alru Farm you can do so here. Also, there’s some link at the end of the post listing other suppliers who helped make Alice and Ross’s wedding day what it was.

I’m not going to prattle on any more, here’s the day day Alice and Ross got hitched, as seen by me. I hope you enjoy my version of their story.

Alru-Farm-Wedding-0001 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0002 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0004 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0003 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0005 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0006 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0007 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0008 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0009 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0010 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0011 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0012 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0013 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0014 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0015 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0016 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0017 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0018 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0019 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0020 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0021 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0023 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0024 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0025AR-0237 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0028 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0029 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0030 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0031 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0032 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0033 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0034 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0035 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0036 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0037 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0036 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0038 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0040 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0039 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0041 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0042 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0043 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0045 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0046 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0044 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0047 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0048 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0049 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0050 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0051 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0053 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0054 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0057 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0056 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0058 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0059 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0061 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0060 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0063 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0064 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0065 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0066 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0068 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0067 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0069 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0070 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0071 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0073 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0075 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0074 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0078 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0079 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0083 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0082 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0084 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0087 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0089 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0090 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0091 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0092 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0093 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0094 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0095 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0096 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0097 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0098 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0099 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0101 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0100 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0103 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0104 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0106 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0107 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0108 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0109 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0110 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0111 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0112 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0113 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0114 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0115 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0116 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0117 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0118 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0119 Alru-Farm-Wedding-0120


Alice’s Dress – Betrothed Bridal   |  Florist – Fabulous Functions  | Venue – Alru Farm  | Wedding Planner – Crystel Newman  Lighting – Caso