Wedding in the Hills | Jess + Phil

We recently had the pleasure of capturing Jess and Phil’s wedding in the Hills. The picturesque, meandering driveway, tall oak trees standing like sentinels, and beautifully groomed hedge-rows were just a taste of what lay ahead for us.

It is always really humbling to be made to feel so welcome into someones family home. I can’t recall ever not feeling welcome, but there was something else in the way in which we were greeted on this particular occasion. At the front door, Jess’s mum used those exact words..’welcome….please come in…is there anything we can get for you’…We walked down the long wide hallway, walls adorned with portraits of their 3 children as toddlers…and there was Jess, framed by the big bay windows against the stunning backdrop of the Adelaide Hills, with the three Mount Lofty towers visible on the distant hills. The vibe was super relaxed, tunes were playing and I’m pretty certain the girls were having a great morning.

Their family home and surrounding grounds were like a candy store and Dave and I were the kids. There were so many superb backdrops and textures, reflections and colours. Having more than two hours with Jess and the girls really gave us the opportunity to step back even further from things, observe from a distance a little more and capture moments we’d potentially not have been witness to had we only allowed an hour or so.

The rest of the day seemed to travel faster than usual (and that’s fast !) and before we knew it we were back at Jess’s folks place for the reception, which took place in a pavilion on lawns by the house. Everyone looked to be having a great night in the warmth of each others company (and the very efficient heaters) and we left a large crowd shakin’ it on the dance floor, feeling very satisfied and quietly confident we had documented Jess and Phil’s beautifully.

‘Dear Luke & Dave,

Thank you both so much for the huge part you played in our wonderful day ! You truly went above and beyond the call of duty, we can’t say a big enough thanks for that. Everyone remarked how fantastic you both were, it truly made our photos a joyful experience. Thanks again, Jessie and Phil’

Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-001 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-002 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-003 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-004 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-005 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-006 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-007 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-008 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-009 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-010 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-011 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-012 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-013 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-014 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-015 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-016 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-017 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-018 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-019 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-020 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-021 Adelaide-Hills-Wedding-022

Event Planner – Harmony @ On Cue Events

Jess’ dress – Collette Dinnigan

Catering – Instyle Catering

Lighting – Caso Lighting

Flowers – Adelaide Flower House

Cars – Adelaide Classic Jags



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