Steph + Kian – Tongs on Fire and Wayward Bouquets

Steph and Kian met at Med School and then started dating from across borders between Adelaide and Melbourne. Steph obviously couldn’t resist this good man and his charming ways, moving back to Adelaide for him.  I personally think it has a lot to do with his supremely awesome Michael Jackson dancing abilities. Aside from hair tongs (straighteners) catching fire while the girls got ready in the morning, oh…and Steph being a little too strong for her own good – she gave her bouquet the big heave-ho, throwing it completely over the heads of the pack of waiting girls ready to catch it and be the next Mrs, instead being caught by a dozen wine glasses on the table behind them. Rather funny it was. I am also happy to report no-one was injured during the filming of this stunt.

It was a great day for all. I had Dave shooting by my side which is always a treat, we had the great tradition of a Chinese Tea Ceremony blended together with the classic setting of Carrick Hill and good peeps, food, wine and scenery. Enjoy. Cheers, Luke.

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