It’s no secret that I’ve always been drawn to wedding photography that showcases the hills and valleys of this amazing state of South Australia. So when Claire and Adam contacted me about capturing their Second Valley Wedding I said hell yes. I did warn them they’d need to bring hiking shoes before they signed on the dotted line, just in case they didn’t fancy working up a sweat anywhere else besides the dance floor. Thankfully they were up for it but told me not to be soft and to leave my hiking shoes at home. Game on. This was gonna be a hoot. I took a drive down the week of the wedding to scout some locations and to get a little bit of a game plan in my head. We only had a small window of time after the ceremony to wander the hills, and that suited me as I’m not a big fan of keeping the bride and groom from their guests for too long. In my eyes as important as it is to record the day beautifully and create some artwork that couples can print and enjoy for life, I think this always needs to be balanced against them spending time with the family and friends. (Mind you I could have easily spent 4 hours out there shooting, the light was insane !)

So here’s the story of Claire and Adam’s Second Valley Wedding the way I saw it. There’s also a list of some of the other great suppliers involved at the end of the post.

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Florist – The Tenth Meadow Wedding Florist

Wedding Venue – Leonards Mill – Wedding Venue, Second Valley

Church – Delamere Uniting Church (VERY cute little church in a pretty little valley)

Styling and Furniture at Church –Wedding Hire and styling

Claire’s Dress – Wedding Dresses Adelaide

Lighting – Budget Party Wedding Hire