Liz & Kris | Engagement Shoot in Colonel Light Gardens

I am the wedding photographer lucky enough to be capturing Liz and Kris’ wedding in April, whoop ! We caught up a few weeks ago for a quick engagement shoot in Colonel Light Gardens, around the new studio and the surrounding area….rather easy to take beautiful pics of these two !

LK-E-0002 LK-E-0005 LK-E-0007 LK-E-0009 LK-E-0012 LK-E-0017 LK-E-0019


LK-E-0043 LK-E-0045 LK-E-0046 LK-E-0048 LK-E-0052 LK-E-0054 LK-E-0056
LK-E-0075 LK-E-0083

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