Alice + Martin | Golding Wines Wedding, Adelaide Hills

Alice and Martin’s wedding at Golding Wines, in the Adelaide Hills really did float my boat. Surrounded by a blanket of gold and green in a valley just outside of the town of Lobethal, Golding Winery really is a vision to behold in Autumn. So much about this wedding resounded with me – the colours and aromas, the food served up straight from the outdoor Pizza Oven and Paella Pan, guests huddled sharing stories around open fires constantly turning their torsos like a lamb on a spit, in an effort to keep from scorching on one side and freezing on the other. It was all really rather perfect. Here is what I saw. Thanks for having me along Alice and Martin. Cheers, Luke AM-0007 AM-0011 AM-0019 AM-0051 AM-0064AM-2
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