They may have already celebrated their 1st Wedding Anniversary, but it’s not going to stop me from sharing Jess and Arv’s Carrick Hill Wedding day.

The whole day was just unreal, great vibes and familiar faces everywhere. The bees were buzzing, birds were singing and the beer and bubbles were chilled to perfection. I also LOVE when weddings sometimes bring together two very different cultures and each culture is thoroughly embraced by the other. Warm fuzzies were everywhere.

Jess was rockin’ it in her Paulo Sebastian dress, Arv was giving Daniel Craig a run for his that I mean that I am certain Arv would look exactly the same as Daniel if he was running after villains in his finely tailored Paul Smith creation through the hedges of Carrick Hill.

The team from Emkho helped Jess pull the style of the day together beautifully (Jess says they did pretty much everything for her) and Sally and her Poppies team smashed it out of the park once more with their floral creations, whether it be the ones hanging from the marquee roof or the ones hanging from Jess and her bridesmaids beautifully manicured hands. Celebrant Camille Abbott rocked the ceremony as she does so well, with the Amicus Strings quartet strumming away in the background…

Oh, and if I could include a link to Will Stokes and his MC business I would, but he doesn’t have an MC business. Many, myself included think he should…he’s a legend and a pro, but he only does it for mates…for love.

I could go on but I will leave the pictures to do the rest of the talking I think, pictures talk more than me…without the annoying voice.

And excuse my language here but….Holy shit..THE CAKES, wait til you see the cakes !!!!

There’s links to all the suppliers involved at the end of the post too.

Carrick-hill-wedding-051Carrick-hill-wedding-001Carrick-hill-wedding-002Carrick-hill-wedding-003The Ink RoomCarrick-hill-wedding-005Poppies FlowersCarrick-hill-wedding-007Paolo Sebastian Wedding DressCarrick-hill-weddingEmkho Wedding PlannersCarrick-hill-wedding-011Adelaide Wedding PhotographerEmkho Wedding Planner AdelaidePoppies Flowers AdelaideCarrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-wedding-017Carrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-wedding-019Carrick-hill-wedding-020Carrick-hill-wedding-021Carrick-hill-wedding-022Carrick-hill-wedding-023Carrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-wedding-025Carrick-hill-wedding-026Carrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-wedding-028Carrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-wedding-031Paolo-sebastian-wedding-dressWedding Photographer AdelaideCarrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-wedding-036Carrick-hill-weddingPaolo Sebastian Wedding DressCarrick-hill-wedding-039Carrick-hill-wedding-040Carrick-hill-wedding-042Carrick-hill-wedding-043Carrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-wedding-045Carrick-hill-wedding-046A little touch of sweet wedding cakesCarrick-hill-wedding-048Carrick Hill WeddingCarrick-hill-wedding-050Carrick-hill-wedding-052Carrick-hill-weddingCarrick-hill-wedding-054Carrick-hill-wedding-055Carrick-hill-wedding-056Carrick-hill-wedding-057Carrick Hill WeddingCarrick-hill-wedding-060Carrick-hill-wedding-061Carrick-hill-wedding-062Carrick-hill-wedding



Bridesmaid’s Dresses – Zimmerman  | Wedding Stationery – The Ink Room  |  Music – Amicus Strings  |  Wedding Venue – Carrick Hill

Wedding Celebrant – Camille Abbott  |  Jess’ Dress – Paolo Sebastian  |  Arv’s Suit – Paul Smith   |   Groomsmen –  Rhodes and Beckett 

Wedding Design and Planning – Emkho   |  Wedding Cakes – A Little Touch of Sweet  Wedding Photographer  –  Me 🙂   Make-Up  –  Millie Herd