Cate and I have one very important thing in common. We were both lucky enough to find our pommie soul mates while they were backpacking this awesome country we call home. It’s funny when you just know.

Cate and Paul’s romance took off fast, meeting at a house party, they hooked up, Paul’s toothbrush finding a new home within weeks and the rest is history. I can certainly see what attracted each to the other. Paul is cheeky (check out ‘the kiss’ shot during the ceremony..only Paul could get away with this, right in front of his new parent’s in law) and charming (and rather handsome I do believe) and Cate, well, it’s pretty obvious visually why Paul was hooked before he learnt what went on deeper than the skin. Spending the day with Cate and Paul and their gang, it was also clear what hooked this couple to each other beyond their attractiveness.

The dance floor was definitely a highlight. The whole day was scheduled around making sure there was plenty of time for dance floor antics and Paul made sure he busted out every move in the book.

Caring, considerate and bloody good fun just to name a few. Here’s some of my favourites from their day at Bird In Hand Winery. Thanks to Dave for your help capturing their day too.

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