There’s so many venues available all across Adelaide and the surrounds. We’ve chosen to focus this page on those we’ve had consistently great experiences with, from customer service to location and photography options.

Each venue has it’s own charm and appeal at different times of the year. We know a lot of the staff personally, having built wonderful relationships with them over time.

The links to the relevant weddings will give you an insight into how weddings can look at those venues in different seasons and weather. They will highlight just how possible it is to have a seriously awesome wedding and stunning wedding photography, come rain or shine, winter, autumn, spring or summer.

I love that a location or wedding venue can produce such unique and different results from one season to the next. The same backdrop can look so different depending on the light, the couple, the angle and the lenses used. It presents as a great challenge that I enjoy embracing – to capture something completely unique for each couple, no matter whether I have been to the venue before or not.

If you are thinking of a venue and can’t find it here, feel free to contact us for advice.

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