When Green Ants Collide | Darwin Photography

About two weeks ago now I headed to Darwin to photograph Tom and Jana, who have booked me to shoot their wedding next year here in Adelaide. My wife Carrie and I flew up on the Thursday, jumped in the hire car and met up with Jana, to do a scout for locations. I had some ideas in mind but no real idea of locations, so Jana suggested taking us on a tour to help us get a handle on the Geography.

I saw this tree as we drove from one spot to another but we didn’t stop on this occasion. After revisiting it on the next morning, the day of the shoot, I had it set in my mind that we’d finish the shoot at this location, right on dusk. With the help of Jess from White Rabbit Design & Events, the plan was to hang some funky old lampshades in this tree and I had this picture of the resulting image…deep blue sky, Tom and Jana all loved up underneath this grand, symmetrical beast of a tree, beautifully illuminated by the warm light being cast by these glowing lampshades. Jess went ahead of us from the second last location to set up…

I pushed the timing a little bit, out on a rocky headland at East Point so we were always going to be cutting it a little fine. The shades were not yet in the tree when we got there but I was like ‘it’s cool, we still have time, give me 5 minutes and we’ll set up in this tree which is much closer and still awesome’…so I ran over to this tree only to discover hurdle number 2 – we were invading the very active home of a large colony of green ants..which proceeded to make themselves at home all over me. “Right ! Plan B (thinking fast as to what a Plan B could be)” I said, “not doing that, ants are going to war with my shins”

Below is the result of Plan B. When-green-ants-collide


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