Linh & Hoang | A not so little preview

My intention this evening was to sit down and select 5 or 6 images from Linh and Hoang’s super long, super fun vietnamese wedding. It would be a bit of a prelude to the spectacular day that Dave and I were lucky enough to capture a few months back here in Adelaide.

I’m sure there are many wedding photographers out there who are with me on this….5 imagesturned into 10, 10 turned into 20 and what was supposed to be a 30 minute exercise that would see me get a nice early night, soon became a 2 hour exercise of smiling to my computer screen and I still sit here at 10.30 and it not done yet..

These images have been edited on my laptop and I was just having a bit of a mess around really, so they are not super consistent, but I gained a great deal of satisfaction selecting and producing these images, I hope you gain some satisfaction too.

I challenge each and every one of you to NOT smile when looking over these..I do believe it is impossible….especially easy to smile at the shot of Linh getting ready, mum after the ceremony during congrats, and the one of the kids on the dance floor at the end.

Enjoy and have a great weekend, Luke.

01-Adelaide-wedding-photography 02-Adelaide-wedding-photography 03-Adelaide-wedding-photography 04-Adelaide-wedding-photography 05-Adelaide-wedding-photography

Dave testing the light for me. 06-Adelaide-wedding-photography 07-Adelaide-wedding-photography 08-Adelaide-wedding-photography 09-Adelaide-wedding-photography Adelaide-wedding-photography-30 11-Adelaide-wedding-photography 12-Adelaide-wedding-photography 13-Adelaide-wedding-photography 14-Adelaide-wedding-photography 15-Adelaide-wedding-photography 16-Adelaide-wedding-photography 17-Adelaide-wedding-photography 18-Adelaide-wedding-photography 19-Adelaide-wedding-photography 20-Adelaide-wedding-photography 21-Adelaide-wedding-photography 22-Adelaide-wedding-photography 23-Adelaide-wedding-photography 24-Adelaide-wedding-photography 25-Adelaide-wedding-photography

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