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I have to share this story and I am going to do my best to do the moment justice…I will post a picture of the subjects of this post tomorrow too…(bad iPhone pic of Monterosso below)

I arrived in Monterosso, part of the Cinque Terre (5 lands) at around midday. Me being me, I did not book any accommodation in advance, thinking I’d be fine, the gods would align and I’d have no issues finding a room for one. Well, for 5 hours I spanned the old and new part of Monterosso, sweating my jaxie off walking cobbled street and climbing some serious stairs hunting for a room. No joy.

Heading back to the train station for tourist information, I am informed there are zero beds in both parts of town..I’m screwed. So, I do what any sensible fella would do and spend some time over a ‘tutte a la mare something or other’ (seafood spagetti) and a couple of beers while considering the idea of sleeping on the beach, also thinking about where I’d leave my suitcase, how I would protect the 2 bags of camera gear etc etc…

While shelling a prawn I see a hotel sign ‘HotelLa Spiaggia’…Ok, one last try I tell myself. At the counter the fat Italian man responds ‘Si, we have a room, it has 3 bed, for you 70 Euro’…SOLD I say. Just as I say this two crew-cut, face-pierced ladies walk in asking for a room. ‘Sorry, no room’ say the fat little man….I suggest ‘hey, I’ve just taken a 3 bedder, wanna bunk up and spread the cost ?’…suddenly the price goes up to 120 Euro (hmm not what I planned)…I’ll pay 40, you pay 80 I say..the Germans pair discuss and say ‘OK’,, we check the room and it is literally a double bed with a single at the foot of it, shared bathroom down the hall, no air conditioning etc etc…not good. ‘Sorry ladies but I ain’t paying 40 for a single sniffing your feet’. They decide to go camp elsewhere and I am happy that I tried to be nice.

Long story still pretty long, they ambush me later at a bar and I will now be wearing ear plugs and sniffing the feet of 2 German lesbians for 30 Euro..I have a bed.

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