Train Ride | Italy

One thing I really love about traveling in a foreign country is meeting new people. On the way from  Rome to Tuoro Sul Tresimeno I found myself in a carriage with with a  family of locals. Nonna was looking after her two grandchildren who I later learnt to be Jacopo and Mariachiara. It had only been a bit over 24 hours since I had seen Henry and George but I was craving some kid time.

No one could communicate very well, my Italian being terrible and their English being equally average. It was somewhat of a relief when their Mum, Lalla, entered the carriage. A school teacher in her local town she had a reasonable grasp on the English language and we managed to learn some things about each others lives. The kids played some games on my iPhone and we shared photographs of each others lives, me showing Lalla and her family my family and home and them doing the same.

By the time I had to disembark we had exchanged contact info and the invitation had been extended to me to come to their home for dinner. A dinner I could not make in the end but just the fact the invitation was extended to me was awesome.


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