Wedding Venues

When it comes to Wedding Venues to include on our love list, we struggled to keep the list brief. There are just so many really great venues available all across Adelaide and this state. We’ve focused this page on those we’ve had consistently great experiences with, from customer service to location and photography options.

Personally, we find ourselves drawn more towards the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills wedding venues. The ones we’ve listed are here because we’ve photographed at them all and they suit the style of our wedding photography.

We know many of these wedding venues very well, and have experienced them in almost every season.

We love that a location or wedding venue can produce such unique and different results from one season to the next. The same backdrop can look so different depending on the light, the couple, the angle and the lenses used.

The venues listed here are but a handful of our favourites, so if you’re thinking of a particular wedding venue and can’t find it here, there’s still a good chance we’ve worked there, so feel free to contact us

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