Michelle + Andrew | Stamford Plaza


Very cool wedding.Make-up was verrrrry behind schedule. I got a phone call from Sarah at 11.50 on my way to see Michelle at 12,…’we are running a little behind’. So I ended up sending my assistants in my car to the church at 1 (ceremony was meant to start at 1.30) and I waited behind to grab what shots I could of Michelle frantically getting ready – she made it to the house and her hanging dress at about 12.45. I think she dealt with it really well and she had a good nervous chuckle about it. I was lucky enough to get a ride in the bridal car with her and her dad too, which was a privilege. All worked out well in the end and we were only about 20 minutes late…pretty standard really 🙂

Ceremony was super cool. Andrew, had written a song and proceeded to tap away on the piano and sing it to the congregation (well probably more to Michelle I think) and there was a heap of other great tunes belted out by the band during  the rest of the ceremony too.

It was a little windy and wild although for a July day it rated pretty well I thought. All were brave and we enjoyed a bit of a roam around town, scaled a fancy new building in the city centre for a different perspective. I hope you like. Comments most welcome. Oh yeh, if you click on an image it’ll open bigger and you can flick through them that way..

To be continued soon…my computer is not playing very nicely so I’m gonna take the hint and switch off for now…check back in 48 hours..

Ok I’m back…

We ducked across the road for an extra few shots during the reception

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