Some thanks from clients

From my perspective it should be us sending the thank you cards to couples and their families, for being trusted with the documentation of such a special day in the history of a family, being welcomed into their homes and being paid to do what we have some difficulty referring to as a job – we really do love what we do and I can’t believe I do what I do and I give thanks for it every day.


We are generally all such busy people, so it always blows me away when people take the time to send us some special words of thanks. On this occasion it was the parents of Katherine and Tim, who’s wedding we photographed back in March. It means a bunch to be thanked for doing what we do, so I just wanted to share their kind words with you. (I don’t think anyone has, or is likely ever again, to use me and genius in the same sentence…so I’m making the most of it !!!)

“ Dear Luke,

It might sound a bit cliche but words cannot convey our absolute delight when we saw the ‘sneak peek’.
We are sure words such as stunning, genius, perceptive and perfect have been used before to describe both you and your photographs and we would agree and have joined what must be a long list of admirers.
While we look forward to the blog post, we cannot imagine ever tiring of looking at the sneak peak, and for Margaret that will be every time she sits down at the computer, in other words, a number of times each day!

A most sincere thank you to both yourself and Dave.

Kindest regards,
Margaret, Paul and Sally. “

And from Tim’s folks –



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