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Hello future brides and grooms. One of the many things planned over the next few months is to delve a little deeper into other wonderful wedding suppliers out there who are doing a great job and may help you with some ideas and inspirations for your wedding day. Whether getting married here in Adelaide, greater South Australia, interstate or overseas we live in an internet world packed with amazing resources at our fingertips……I just find it hard to narrow it all down. So I hope some of this helps.

I recently came  across the RUFFLED blog. It’s been around for a few years now but I’m a little slow off the mark with most things 🙂

In their words –

Ruffled inspires sophisticated creativity for your Wedding without any sacrifice. Fashion conscious sensibility combined with trendy attitude and vintage inspired romance reflects the spirit of today’s stylish bride.

We’re a reflection of our readers – smart sassy and hip to the latest trends with a hint of sophistication looking to stand out amongst the crowd. Ruffled celebrates the savvy indie chic bride with a collection of witty perspectives and clever ideas to inspire your unique style.

I know there are a few wedding directory sites around but I like the more personal touch of this one…although a little more banner advertising flicking about the place than I like..but I guess they have to pay the bills somehow !

More soon,





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