Sharon and Frank | Kingsford Homestead Wedding

I was lucky enough to capture the wedding of Sharon and Frank not too long ago, at Kingsford Homestead near Gawler. An awesome couple, super relaxed, super cute together, and quite clearly very
loving parents to their children. It was also great to have good mate and fellow photographer Pete Thornton along as my second shooter for the day (and lovely to use your tilt shift too, thanks Pete). It was nice to share a well-earned beer together at the end of the days work too.

As many of us living here in South Australia will testify to, we live in a small state and there’s not many degrees of separation between us all. This day was no exception. It turned out that Pete had grown up with Sharon’s family and been best mates for his teenage years with Sharon’s brother. The look on their respective faces when they saw each other was priceless.

Here is Sharon and Frank’s story.

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No matter how bad it looks, I was actually trying to bustle Sharon’s dress….thanks for this pete !sharon-frank-029 sharon-frank-028 sharon-frank-027 sharon-frank-026 sharon-frank-025 sharon-frank-024  sharon-frank-022 sharon-frank-021  sharon-frank-018 sharon-frank-017 sharon-frank-016  sharon-frank-014 sharon-frank-013 sharon-frank-012 sharon-frank-011 sharon-frank-010 sharon-frank-009 sharon-frank-008 sharon-frank-007 sharon-frank-006 sharon-frank-005  sharon-frank-003 sharon-frank-002 sharon-frank-001


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