Rosanne + Damien | Adelaide Wedding Photography (by Dave)

Rosanne + Damien | Adelaide Wedding Photography (by Dave)

Rosanne and Damien live up north in QLD. I was overseas when they came to Adelaide and met with Luke at the studio to discuss their wedding photography. As a result, I didn’t have the chance to meet with them in person until a week or so before their wedding day but when I discovered what they had planned, I knew this wouldn’t matter a bit, and that we’d get on great… Boys in Glenelg, girls at Henley, Ceremony at Grange and then Reception at Stella in Henley Square (my wife and I were married in Henley Square a few years back & partied on for our reception at Stella!) It turns out that when they were living in Adelaide last, they had a place literally round the corner from where I live too……crazy!

Well, my hunch was right, because we had a blast, made even better by working alongside Jason & Bill from Captivate films. We scored with the weather too, as it just started raining as the arrived at the reception.

I learned a valuable lesson that day… pick your words carefully when describing a wedding dress. I was blown away by Rosanne’s dress which was different to anything I’d seen before and I described it as “Interesting”, that’s right…INTERESTING… what I meant to say was “Out of the ordinary Super Amazing”. And she never let me live it down….haha



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