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Another beautiful Autumn Glen Ewin Estate wedding. I do really love this Autumn, it has a lot going for it from a photography perspective, as do all the seasons…just in different ways I guess. For me Autumn has 2 key things going for it as a wedding month in Australia…the days a shorter and the colours are spectacular. I really like the way the hours at this time of the year can work with timing for a wedding….

When we sat at our first meeting, as with all clients, I spoke with Rikki and Rick about the timing for their wedding and we worked out that if they had their ceremony at around 3.30 it’d leave enough time for all the formal / congrats side of things after the ceremony as well as give us about 40 minutes for bridal / creatives…not a massive amount of time but enough to squeeze some nice moments onto camera before their reception without keeping them from their guests for hours.

I’m pretty certain they had an awesome night and I enjoyed their relaxed attitude to the whole day…as long as they were with their buddies and family they were happy. A great script to go by in life I think.




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