Rebecca and Pankaj – Singapore House Wedding

I know I sound repetitive here but this wedding was another cracker ! 

I had to take a punt with location photography on this occasion. The sun was setting super fast and it was as windy as hell. The place we’d talked about heading for some photos after the ceremony was on top of a hill overlooking the whole city, about 10 minutes drive away…. It meant we had to leg it there and pray for a little window before the sun went down  and possibly freeze our bits off, or toss the idea and head somewhere that maybe was a safer bet. Safe bet ! That’s no fun….so we jumped in the cars and headed for the hills.

I think it was worth it. So glad Rebecca and Pankaj were willing to  take the punt too, and get cold too…

Ceremony at The Monastery on Cross Road and the reception was at the superb Singapore House on Glen Osmond Road.



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