Ranna + Ben Wedding | 14.2.2010 | Tin Cat Cafe

This was a beautiful wedding (not that I can remember one that has not been). The Tin Cat Cafe is a lovely old 2 story house in Kent Town that has been converted into a funky cafe / restaurant with mismatched, vintage furniture and colourful prints, paintings and nik naks around the place. Lighting is warm and soft and homely and it’s a great spot for not only a top breakfast or coffee but also for intimate weddings…and the food was soooo good. I need the recipe for the crab and cognac risotto !

I’m not going to go into the dress design because I don’t know where it was from (I know Ranna told me but I’m such a boy) and I would no doubt do the dress an injustice trying to describe it…and lets face it – if a picture tells a thousand words as they say, then you’ll get a far better idea if I just show you the dress than you will reading my ramblings.

A thoroughly enjoyable day, stunning light for some location pics and very in love couple. I love my job.

I love what I do because each day is different and you never know what might arise. We were not even planning to stop at this spot for pics. We all jumped into my car to go for some offsite photos away from the Tin Cat. In the car on the way to the spot we had planned to go I had a gut feeling that this spot was going to be better in terms of light. Ranna and Ben were happy to go on my gut feeling and I think it really ┬ápaid off – gotta love the unexpected.

I could go on but I think you get the idea. Will post again soon. xx

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