Print, print, print.

This is a follow on from my recent post about Lauren and Jakobi, where I spoke about a photo Lauren has in her wallet, from when they were 3 or 4 years old, growing up together  –

The thing I loved about the images more than anything was that it was a 20-something-year-old photograph that she had in her wallet – printed, not on her iphone wallpaper, an actual 20 year old, wallet sized print.

It highlighted to me once more, just how import it is to take that next step with those moments and actually  PRINT THEM on proper archival photographic paper. Too many photographs and moments like Lauren and Jakobi’s disappear these days, lost in the world of numbers and codes we live in, never seeing the light of day.

I wonder how much of this is because we have such easy access to a camera of some sort, and it’s so much easier to just upload it to Facebook or email, mms or Flikr it, than it is to send the files to a professional printer, but it really is so easy to FTP or email that same image you just Facebooked to the printers. I am probably the very worst culprit when it comes to this and I have made a promise to myself (and my wife Carrie) that we will print some of our photographs THIS week. Maybe a good project for us all – find a photo we love (if you can find them !) and send it to the printer – not the cheap print shop at Hardly Normal or Photo Xpress but a professional lab – they need our support and will do a much better job of it. I’d love to see the images you choose too.

My challenge as a photographer is to not just take compelling, professional standard photographs, but to educate clients to the importance of professional printing, the value of it, and the role it needs to play in the photography process. I’ll ramble on again soon. I hope to hear from you and see some of your favourite photos.



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