Bonnie and Steve – ‘Recce’ Shoot

_DSC5939 copy

Yesterday saw Luke Simon Photography ‘down the Port’, or more correctly, in Port Adelaide. I caught up with Bonnie and Steve to go over their wedding plans and to hunt for some locations for the fast approaching big day. We will have one hour for bridal photography on the day, so I really wanted to make sure we planned it well, making full use of the light and great locations I was sure must be around the area….it was just a matter of finding them…….

So, we went for a wander and struck some gold, finding an old abandoned warehouse complex and a set of security gates that were….how should we put it…..not very secure. Yipppeee for us ! I was like a kid in a candy store.

Anyway, here are some of the images we created from this little ‘recce’.

_DSC5943 copy

Love these.

_DSC5938 copy



_DSC5830 copy

Heaps of great textures and lines down among the old railway lines from the days when Port Adelaide was a busy, bustling shipping port.

_DSC5863 copy

It’s hard to explain the smell of thousands of days of pigeon poop, but I’m pretty sure that we who were there will remember this smell for some time…and get to smell it in 3 weeks time too.Worth it though.

_DSC5977 copy

Steve stands in place while I have a stab at a different view. It’s so easy to get caught up with one scene in your mind when all it sometimes takes is to turn around 180 degrees.

_DSC5985 copy

_DSC5979 copy


Above – when gear fails it is sometimes for the better. My front light didn’t fire and this was the result. I was pleasantly surprised. Below is with front light in working order.


Roll on Saturday September 26th I say.

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