Our Studio | King William Road, Hyde Park

I realised a little earlier today that I’ve never put any pics up of our studio, here on King William Road. So here’s one that gives a bit of an idea.

It’s slowly coming along. We’ve knocked out a wall and are gradually sorting out lighting and prints for the walls. It still needs some more furniture and a touch of style that I don’t possess, but we are getting there.

We have 3 offices and our central gallery area which you are now looking at (projector soon to replace the TV). We have a lovely little balcony looking out over King William Road with its many great stores and bridal boutiques below it’s great spot for a glass of wine on a Friday arvo..the street is also home to many great restaurants who’s delightful aromas waft constantly through our open balcony doors. I will get fat in time.

If you are in the area or planning a trip to the area, then we certainly welcome a visit. Our coffee rivals Cibo down the street (we do use their beans though 🙂 !

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