Nina + Chang | The Wedding Day in Adelaide

As an Adelaide Wedding photographer in Adelaide, I get to meet a bunch of awesome, lovely people,  and this was certainly the case again with Nina and Chang’s wedding day – family and friends so unbelievably grateful and genuinely happy to be alive and healthy and there with Nina and Chang to celebrate their wedding.

Nina and Chang’s folks had flown in from China only days prior and I could not get over  just how polite and lovely they were. These folks had invested a sizeable sum to have me capture their day and I had every intention of making it memorable for them all by taking them to some lovely Adelaide Hills and city locations and really, they didn’t owe me any niceties beyond the norm. I think the only way to sum them up would be to say that, if every person on this planet was as genuinely lovely as these folks we’d have one perfect world.

We were blessed with the weather too – when we needed the sunshine we got it and then when in the car on the way to an undercover location it decided to rain and then a ripping sunset on cue. I was a very happy chappy.

Here are some of the moments we were all able to experience together, hope you enjoy them. Can’t wait to get my panoramic film back from the lab….

Oh and one other thing – we had almost 5 hours of location time for bridal photography. It was awesome. I know its not possible for most to have this long (Nina and Chang had no formal reception) but if you can somehow extend this timing for your day without being away from your guests for too long (such as doing a before-the-ceremony-first-look kinda thing) I can highly recommend it and I think the variety of locations and scenery in the images below are great testament to this.



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