Newborn – George Edward Simon

Yesterday saw the birth of our second son George, new brother to Henry. My wife Carrie is a bloody trooper and did an amazing job. I’m no hippy but it was just an earthy, primal experience and we are so blessed to have gone through the experience together. We also undertook the whole experience in our own home, which was a nerve wracking thought 4 months ago but felt so right and comfortable..can recommend it if it interests you.



It’s often in my mind when I’m photographing a couple on their wedding day, seeing how much love there is, that they may well one day being sharing the experience of childbirth together. I know it’s not for everyone, for some by choice and for others by biology but holy shit it is an awesome experience I recommend you try. The love and respect I have for Carrie just grows more with each day and each amazing experience like the birth of these little miracles of God or whatever you believe has created them…it really is something.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I am very sleep deprived, so I’ll probably read this tomorrow and not be able to make any sense of it but hey, there you have it, a little slice of my life outside wedding photography, but still related too. Really weddings are all about family and that’s why I love my work.

Ps. If you have sent me an email over the last 3 days or so and I’ve not replied yet I apologise but the above is my reason and I will get to you soon,




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