Mali , Luke & Jack – Family photography Shoot | by Dave

Mali lives up in Brisbane. She  was down in Adelaide with her boys visiting family and friends. Initially I was going to spend some time around the city here in Adelaide for their family photography shoot, until she mentioned her friend’s place Whistler wines in the Barossa Valley. She wondered if it’d be worth heading out there for some photos?…I was in!

The light was beautiful, the kids were heaps of fun and so was Mali…


MLJ-002 MLJ-005 MLJ-008 MLJ-010 MLJ-011 MLJ-014 MLJ-016 MLJ-017   MLJ-025 MLJ-026 MLJ-032   MLJ-038 MLJ-040 MLJ-041 MLJ-042 MLJ-044 MLJ-045 MLJ-047 MLJ-048  MLJ-051  MLJ-053 MLJ-055 MLJ-056  MLJ-061  MLJ-063   MLJ-066 MLJ-069  MLJ-077 MLJ-078 MLJ-079 MLJ-080 MLJ-084 MLJ-085 MLJ-086 MLJ-088 MLJ-095  MLJ-097 MLJ-101 MLJ-102 MLJ-138 MLJ-144 MLJ-145 MLJ-146 MLJ-147 MLJ-148 MLJ-149 MLJ-152 MLJ-153 MLJ-164 MLJ-167 MLJ-168 MLJ-171  MLJ-175

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