Linh & Hoang | One moment please !

Linh & Hoang | One moment please !

Working through Linh and Hoang’s awesome Vietnamese wedding from a few weeks ago…

If you’ve never experienced one you will within the next 2 weeks once we have blogged Linh and Hoang’s. We had an epic day and there will be a bunch of great moments shared with you all.

5600 frames later we’ve narrowed it down to 1300 in our final selection..I guess that’s what a 16 hour wedding involves (for snap happy folk like Dave and I anyway)

…’ok bouquet toss in 1 minute everybody” the MC yells..

adrenalin kicks into gear..

…can’t miss this..


…speed light on menu, scroll scroll, setup..scroll scroll, thumb through menu, flash, commander mode, power 1/16th… right, yep that looks about right..ok go go go Linh !!!


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